No!  Although the Columbia Gorge Wind & Water association was originally founded as the Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association in 1987,  watersports have progressed and diversified.  The organization has expanded our scope to include wind and water sports of all sorts.  We support kiteboarding & windsurfing, stand up paddling & sit down paddling,  kitefoiling & wingfoiling, and whatever new wind & water sports that are just waiting to be invented.  As long as it’s human and/or wind powered and takes place in the Columbia River Gorge, we support it!  We are a diverse collection of people who love to recreate in the Columbia River, and look out for each other to promote water safety, water access, and clean water & wind.  And as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all your memberships and donations are tax deductible!